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Thirty years ago the Massachusetts Association of Hispanic Attorneys was created by Judge Isaac Borenstein. It was then and it remains a group of motivated Latino and Latina lawyers who are dedicated to develop the advancement of Hispanics in the legal profession, on promoting civil rights and access to justice for all.

With the passage of time and the efforts of those who have led the Association, MAHA became “nuesta segunda casa”, our second home where in addition to our professional development we have formed long-lasting friendships and obtain generous personal and professional support.

Hispanic attorneys are recognized for having a unique cultural perspective, particularly when working on issues related to civil rights, and the progress and protection of immigrants in the United States. As immigrants, we derive strength from our bicultural background which benefits both our professional endeavors and our engagement in society. Today MAHA is on the threshold of a new exciting chapter in its history. In September 2015, MAHA will for the first time host as an affiliate the HNBA Annual Convention in Boston, attracting upwards of one thousand of the country’s most influential Hispanic leaders.


MAHA Board Member Jose Sierra discussing MAHA’s hosting of the HNBA’s 40th Annual Convention in 2015 on MasTV/El Planeta

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